About Hilarie

Your perspective matters.

Having choice back in what and how you feed yourself or your tube fed loved one, and seeing what a difference a blended diet makes on overall health and well-being is a powerful thing.

Hilarie Dreyer holding a blender full of foods to blend

My story

I began my career as a pediatric dietitian in 2015, primarily working in children’s hospitals in Michigan. A big focus was assisting families with tube feeding, and addressing the nutritional challenges often associated with chronic medical conditions.

However, high caseloads made it difficult to really get to the root cause of each child’s digestive issues, and I often felt like these children were just getting by, not truly thriving.

While working in a pediatric neurodevelopment clinic, I was introduced to the concept of using real food for tube feeding, a practice not widely accepted in many clinical settings. I noticed that the families who chose real food for their children were the ones I heard from the least, mainly because these children were feeling so much better and had far fewer digestive issues needing intervention!

These parents also shared with me how much they enjoyed the aspect of preparing meals for their children, a part of parenting they deeply missed. This experience led me to develop a passion for blenderized diets.

Lacking specific training in this area, I bought a blender and started experimenting with blending food to understand the correct consistency for tube feeding. I also joined online groups to learn from others who had successfully adopted this approach.

Realizing the gap in support for families interested in blenderized feeding, I started an Instagram page to share my journey and insights, aiming to build a supportive learning community.

This initiative evolved into my private practice, Blended Tube Feeding. My aim is to bridge the gap between medical professionals and families, providing support and resources that are accessible and reassuring to both.

I believe families shouldn’t have to choose between real food and receiving support – with the right guidance and resources, they can confidently make the switch to real food, while ensuring their child’s nutritional needs are met, and in a way that fits into their life, not adds to it.

=fruits and vegetables on a cutting board, next to a mason jar of these foods blended up.
fruits and vegetables in a blender
orange, green, and pink blended foods in jars


  • Registered Dietitian
  • Certified Specialist in Pediatrics
  • 8 years of tube feeding experience
  • Blenderized tube feeding diet expert


My mission is to advocate for better acceptance of blended diets and provide support to both medical professional and families so that those fed by feeding tube have better opportunities to improve their growth, digestion and overall health through nutrition.

No matter where you are in your journey to provide a blended diet to yourself or your tube fed loved one, you are in the right place. And whether you want to completely switch to a home blended diet or provide it in combination with formula for tube feeding, I am here to support you.

I truly believe I can learn as much from you as you can learn from me. I am committed to providing a supportive community where families feel their perspective is heard and we can all learn from each other. I am so glad you’re here!

Instead being told what to do, YOU get to decide to feed yourself or your loved one, and I will support you in that.