ready for some normalcy and to find a tube feeding plan THAT ALLOWS YOUR CHILD TO TRULY THRIVE?

Blended Tube Feeding Made Simple makes it easy to blend real food for tube feeding (all the busy work is done for you!) and helps you start to improve digestive issues in just a few weeks.

Get started today and partner with a blenderized tube feeding dietitian and a supportive community who gets it. Let’s make this journey easier, together.

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If you’ve found yourself asking…

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How do I fit a blended diet into my already packed schedule?

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How do I get my medical team on board with switching to blended food?

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How can I be sure calorie and nutrient needs are met on a blended diet?

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What if I make the switch to real food and things get worse?

…then you’re in the right place!

Imagine If…

  • … Tube feeds no longer take over your life because digestive issues are a thing of the past
  • …Your team finally understands the benefits of real food, and are not only supportive but cheering you on
  • …You feel confident blending meals and no longer stress about calorie and nutrient intake
  • …You are in control, and have support to make well informed decisions that’s five
  • …You finally receive the right support to make this ACTUALLY work for you

Success Stories…

Cassie K

“Since we have switched to a blenderized diet with Hilarie, our daughter is a whole new kid: healthier, throwing up WAY less, in a better mood and showing more interest in food.

I needed someone to do all the “busy work” of starting a blended diet. All the little things to look up: what blends best, what consistency, what is the caloric density, how much does the blend make, how to store it…is all figured out!”

Kearstyn S

“I was nervous that blending his food would be overwhelming and take too much time. I tried to switch on my own a few months prior and was completely overwhelmed. Hilarie took all the stress and confusion out of it. I could focus on slowly transitioning off Kate Farms and giving him healthy, real foods.

Since we made the switch he seems to be happier, constantly full of energy and is hitting milestones quicker. I would make this choice 1,000 times over.”


Crystal V

“Our biggest wins have been sharing meals together. Only tubie parents can understand the true excitement about eating the same meal as your child, or ordering something through the drive thru for the first time for them.

Everything is easily laid out that it doesn’t leave you with many questions, I highly recommend anyone on the fence about starting to just do it. It’s worth EVERY PENNY!”

woman pouring blended meal into bag

What You can look forward to inside blended tube feeding made simple:

  • LARGE DATABASE OF RECIPES: You don’t have to think about what to blend! These downloadable recipes are calorie-matched to your child’s formula, allowing you to confidently replace meals while maintaining necessary calorie intake.
  • STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE: Guidance on all the practical stuff that’ll simplify your blended diet meal prep and make this journey so much easier.
  • GET YOUR TEAM ON BOARD: I’ll help you show them why their concerns don’t actually have to be concerns, all backed by research! Plus, your team will be excited about how easy it is for you to meet nutrient needs with these recipes.
  • WAYS TO SAVE TIME: Learn how to blend a week’s worth of food in just a few hours. Plus, when digestive issues finally improve, the feeding plan becomes MUCH more manageable.
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Access to myself and a supportive for support along the way! This space is judgment free with no fear mongering — we’re all about making each other’s journeys easier.

Success Stories…

Victoria N

Blenderized tube feeding has made my bond with my daughter stronger because she is able to participate in eating the same foods as we do.

I feel so confident now blending home cooked meals and knowing that my daughter is getting a variety of foods – I actually enjoy blending different types of meals for her!”

Katie W

“Hilarie gave me my evenings back. I used to be up past midnight trying to come up with recipes that were high calorie, low volume for my twins with different needs. I feared the recipes would be too complicated or require too much prep, but instead found the recipes were easy to make with simple ingredients.

My son with growth issues gained over a pound in one month of working with Hilarie. That alone is well worth the money.”

Jessica P

“We feel like switching to a blenderized diet for our youngest son has made our family more cohesive. We are making his food with the same foods we feed our other children.

There is something so empowering and comforting about knowing even though he is tube fed, we are living life as closely to normal for him as possible! I couldn’t have done it without Hilarie’s help!”

Take a Peek Inside

Setting Up for Success

Start by learning simple, yet effective tweaks to improve digestive issues before you even blend your first meal so you can get time and energy back.

We will also get your medical team on board. The Blended Tube Feeding Made Simple method is designed to ensure everyone is comfortable and reassured you’re doing this safely and nutrition needs are met.

Equipment is covered too, including the best blenders and available medical discounts. The good news? You probably have most of what you need already at home!

Blending and safety basics

I’ll show you the easiest ways to test out and transition to real food and help you decide what’s best for YOU.

You’ll also learn how the recipes make it easy to transition from formula to real food, without having to track calories or worry about growth.

I’ll walk you through the process of blending a meal for tube feeding, it’s easier than you think! You’ll feel totally confident before you blend that first meal and quickly realize this is just real food, prepped a little differently.

Transitioning to a Blended Diet

This section is all about allowing you to go at your own pace and giving you a clear plan to follow.

You don’t have to change that much to get started, and in fact, it’s better to take things slow! We’ll start by testing things out and slowly replacing formula for calorie matched recipes. It does not have to be a total overhaul overnight!

You can even download and share resources with other caregivers or your medical team so everyone is on the same page and the transition is as smooth as possible.

Nutrition considerations

Receive guidance on how often you should be getting a weight, plus how to adjust the blended diet if there are concerns with growth!

Learn how to easily manage fluids on a blended diet, including how to get more fluids in even if you feel like you’re already maxed out.

Not sure if you need to supplement vitamins and minerals, and what about sodium intake? That’s covered too.


You’ll have access to a large database of blended food recipes at 3 different calorie levels: 1.1 calorie per mL, 1.3 calorie per mL and 1.5 calorie per mL.

With 10 starter recipes and 30 main recipes for every calorie level, you can start slowly and work towards a blended diet with a ton of nutrient variety, all while effortlessly meeting calorie targets just like with formula!

Plus, a convenient substitution guide allows you to use these recipes flexibly, making it easy to customize them based on dietary requirements or ingredients you already have.

You’ll also find bonus recipes, including:

  • Sick days and bowel regularity
  • Sharing family meals
  • Holidays and seasonal favorites
  • Optimizing nutrient intake and gut health

Community Support and Bonus Content

Community Group: Get direct access to dietitian and blended tube feeding expert, Hilarie, and other families RIGHT inside the group! This is a supportive, non-judgmental community off Facebook where you can ask questions, share tips, and celebrate wins.

Bonus Content: An ever-growing collection of resources designed to optimize your blended diet. You can look forward to new recipes, practical tips, and comprehensive guides that will continue to support you on your tube feeding journey.

What It’s Like to Work with Hilarie

Sarah H

Hilarie is extremely kind, patient and informative.

Our son has had extreme difficulty tolerating packaged foods/formulas. He was not growing or gaining weight despite extreme increases in calories and volume. Being able to blend real food that is full of nutrition has helped him not only feel better, but he is growing and steadily gaining weight!

Hilarie guides you through everything from getting the blender, picking recipes, troubleshooting, etc. You cannot put a price on your child’s health – it was definitely worth it! We are thankful we found her!”

Taylor H

Hilarie is so incredibly supportive of whatever our family needs.

We have needed to adjust our plan at times due to illness or being overly busy, and Hilarie made herself available during those times for whatever our family needed. She provided incredible resources and support to make blended feeds feel doable and achievable.

I would encourage anyone that is considering joining to do it and know it will be worth the investment of time and money.”

Rebekah Y

“Hilarie has been amazing to work with.

Tube feeding is such a big part of our lives right now and so having the kind of support she gives us is worth every penny.

What I have especially appreciated about her is that there have been absolutely no feelings of pressure or stress. She listens to our hopes and goals and takes the time to do what she can to help us get there.”

Nicole M

Nicole M

“I am equipped to give my child some of the best nourishment through the training Hilarie showed me.

She gave me one of the best tools you can give a special needs/medically fragile parent: the confidence and assurance that you can feed your child real food and it will be okay, worth it, and doable for anyone.

Hilarie was honestly the best thing I’ve ever spent my money on.”

Janet Y

“Hilarie takes the time to find what works for you. This journey is often difficult and can feel a bit lonely, but to have the support of someone who wants to take some of your stress & make your life easier, I can’t really describe how awesome that is.

She helped me come up with a plan for what we needed. I would encourage anyone, if you’re feeing overwhelmed, you want to feed your loved one good healthy food but the challenges are about to push you over the edge, try this. It is 100% worth the investment!

Alexis W

Hilarie has been nothing short of amazing.

I was worried it would make things “worse” for my daughter in terms of her growth by disrupting her “set” calories and fats on the formula. I invested anyway, almost as a “secondary” option, and she THRIVED. She’s gained more in the last four months than in the last year.

She truly helped me get what’s best for my girl to live her best quality of life.”

Libby K

Through working with Hilarie we have been given love and care and so much support. She takes the time to listen to my true thoughts and feelings about what is currently going on with my daughter, and she problem-solves to find solutions that will work for my daughter AND for me.

This support has meant the world to me, it makes me feel like I’m not so alone in this giant pool of programs and procedures and options.

Sharon M

Hilarie is amazing. I have gastroparesis and need high calorie puree recipes that are low in volume, fiber and fat to eat by mouth and heal my gut.

She answers all my questions and gives me so many suggestions. Hilarie is the key component that I need in my toolbox to be successful in making the transition from being fed 80% by jejunal feeding tube to going back to eating 100% by mouth.”

Vicmaris G

Hilarie is focused on making sure you feel safe and secure with the process.

There is always an answer provided to make this process easier. It feels stress free, you feel like someone is listening and will find a solution for the problem on hand. The platform has many options to help you explore blended food recipes and it makes me feel great knowing I am providing my daughter a real meal.

Jennifer M

My son has changed completely on a blended diet!

I was scared at first because you are so used to the way things are. My son was vomiting a lot and we thought it was volume related, but we realized it was actually the formula he was not tolerating.

We now have switched to real food and have had no issues. He has colour back, is gaining weight, is so much stronger in his rehab and he has had tons of compliments wanting to know what we are doing.”


Blended Tube Feeding Made Simple takes away the big learning curve and makes it easy for you to switch to a blended diet. All the busy work is done for you!

I’ll show you how to be efficient — most families spend just a few hours a week to make 7-10 days worth of meals.

Plus, this doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach! Most people do not eat home cooked meals 100% of the time, and a blended tube feeding diet doesn’t have to be that way either! There are many real food commercial products you can use to simplify your journey.

You may even find you have time back when you’re no longer dealing with endless digestive issues and extended feeding times!

In my experience, a blenderized diet can actually be more “nutritionally complete” than many people get by mouth!

Inside, you’ll have access to a large database of well-balanced recipes that meet a variety of nutrition needs, and I’ll show you how to use them.

By blending balanced meals and using foods from all food groups, you not only get all the vitamins and minerals you need from their original source, but also the added benefits of natural fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients not found in most commercial formulas.

Yes! Research has shown the high viscosity (thickness) of a blended diet can help to improve digestive issues like reflux and vomiting. Most people I have worked with see improvements in their digestive problems in just a few weeks. Many families also report improvements in bowel regularity, as well as improved energy levels!

Yes! This is very common. You’ll have access to a 40+ recipes that provide lots of calories in a low volume of food (1.5 calorie per mL).

Plus, in my experience people who switch to a blended diet are often able to handle more volume, so you may even find you don’t need to stick with high calorie, low volume meals long term.

Blended Tube Feeding Made Simple fills in the gaps and offers extra support that works alongside what your medical team provides. The recipes are designed so you can think about this just like formula, which makes getting started so much easier.

Your team can relax, knowing they won’t be overwhelmed with blending-related questions, and everyone is reassured calorie and nutrient needs are met without all the guesswork.

Teamwork is key! There’s a whole section dedicated to helping you get your team on board. Inside, you’ll find a handy guide to help you prepare for pushback, including some common concerns and why they may not actually have to be concerns, all backed by research.

You’ll also find a letter you can send to your team explaining what’s included so they feel reassured you’re doing this safely!

Blended Tube Feeding Made Simple is currently appropriate for anyone over 1 year of age.

If you have additional questions or need further information, feel free to email me directly. I’m here to help answer any inquiries you have to ensure you’re fully informed and comfortable. I look forward to hearing from you!

You can contact me at

Say goodbye to stress and the endless online searches! This is your go to spot for blended diet information, along with a supportive community who truly gets it.