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Ready to make tube feeding feel easy and finally eliminate digestive issues?

Get the resources and support you need to help your tube fed child feel better and thrive on REAL food. Blended Tube Feeding Made Simple makes the transition to a blended diet easy, so you can spend time doing what matters most to you.

This journey is often difficult and can feel a bit lonely, but it does not have to be that way. Together, we can find a solution that’s right for YOU and start making life more manageable.

This image shows different food items next to each other before they are blended together. In the picture is wheat bread, mango, sweet potato, spinach, oat milk, greek yogurt, olive oil and peanut butter.

Work with a Tube Feeding Expert

You want the best for your child and are sick of watching them just “get by” on their tube feeding plan. You’re considering a switch to real food but are worried about nutritional adequacy and how to convince your medical team. And what if things get worse?

Many medical providers hesitate to recommend home-blended meals for tube feeding, fearing that nutritional and calorie needs won’t be met. That’s why I created a solution that makes it easy to transition to real food while effortlessly meeting nutrition and calorie goals just like with formula.

Studies show blended tube feeding can enhance digestion, promote better growth and nutrition, and lead to overall improved health outcomes. Navigating this transition can be challenging, but having the right support and resources can make all the difference. With a blended tube feeding dietitian and a supportive community on your team, you will quickly become confident you can do this.

“Hilarie has literally shifted my thought process about tube feeding, handing the control back to me. Knowing exactly what my daughter is eating has also given me a type of confidence and a level of peace that I didn’t know was possible.” – Abby

Ways to Work with Hilarie

VIP 1-1 support inside Blended Tube feeding Made simple

The VIP level is designed for families who are looking for an even closer partnership with Hilarie. While every family in the Blended Tube Feeding Made Simple benefits from support and direct access to Hilarie in the community, the VIP option enhances this with dedicated one-on-one video calls and direct messaging.

It’s perfect for those who feel like they could benefit from more in-depth conversations and strategy sessions to work through their unique challenges on a one-on-one basis.

Curious if the VIP level is best for you? Apply for a free strategy call. It’s a no-pressure way to get your questions answered and explore what option is best for you and your family.

Blended Tube Feeding Made Simple Online resources & Community Group

Ready to start incorporating real food into your child’s tube feeding routine, but overwhelmed by the how?

Blended Tube Feeding Made Simple breaks down the barriers to getting started, using a strategy that has made the transition to real food SO much easier for hundreds of families.

With a dedicated partner and supportive community every step of the way, you can finally take the first step with confidence. We are here to take work OFF your plate and help you find a plan that’s much easier and feels right for you.

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